A company’s 25th anniversary is the perfect opportunity to get yourself a little present 😉 For this occasion, PromoNotes has designed and produced a special, limited edition of Mindnotes notebooks. See for yourself!

Mindnotes – a special anniversary gadget

When wondering how to highlight the 25th anniversary of our company, we realised that we’d need to get a unique project going. But first we had to decide which product to choose from the dozens available in our catalogue. It wasn’t easy at all 😉 But we quickly settled for Mindnotes. The notebook is the perfect way to emphasise our anniversary and present our brand, thanks to its fairly large useful space, the multiple possibilities of customisation and the broad selection of accessories. As a result, for the 25th anniversary we designed a notebook that would become an item for presenting PromoNotes’s production capabilities.

How to properly present your brand?

A notebook can say a lot about a brand, providing that its cover can intrigue the viewer enough to make him “listen” to its tale to the end. In the case of our anniversary notebook, we’ve decided to use its space to illustrate the structure of our company and to depict the work of its individual departments. We managed to fit quite a lot on the 1st and 4th cover: from customer service, through production to end product shipping. By illustrating each department on its own, we wanted to show how much work by different people is required to finish the end product. Thanks to the fact that our illustration was prepared with humour (see the directors’ office), the notebook evokes positive emotions and comments not only from our clients, but also our staff 😉

A salesman’s favourite gadget

We’ll be presenting the limited edition of these notebooks during all of this year’s trade fairs and meetings with customers. For our sales team, the notebook makes for a good conversation piece to talk about the company and present the Mindnotes line. Inside the notebook, you can find a calendar, an envelope with print constituting a part of the illustration, and colour-matched accessories: a closing band and a satin ribbon. This example alone can show how to talk about your brand in a creative way and how to make use of all the customisation capabilities provided by Mindnotes.