Individually printed Mindnotes® diaries are now firmly established in the Promonotes range.
Every year, we print hundreds of thousands of calendars for customers who are looking for more than just a logo embossed on the cover of the finished calendar.
Every, literally every element of Mindnotes® diaries can be personalised, tailored to the brand colours or the needs of future users.
At Promonotes, we do not have a catalogue of ready-made calendars. With us, each calendar is created from scratch, to the customer’s order. The suggestions shown below have been prepared to inspire future creators.

Calendar with striking debossing on the entire cover – an interesting proposition for companies with many different brands in their portfolio, whose logos can be arranged in the form of such debossing on the cover.

Calendars with any print on a paper or veneer cover are virtually unlimited in number of applications. For every company, every brand, in every colour or format.

Veneer and paper made from apples is a small part of our ecological offer, which includes raw materials made from grass, coffee, recycled materials, etc. Associating these raw materials with brands that have ecology at their heart will only reinforce their message.

The classics have also found their place in the wide range of individually printed Mindnotes® diaries. Perhaps you need a calendar for your company with a specially designed planner that takes into account the specifics of your business, e.g. extra space for notes after each week?

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