We produced our first sticky notes 25 years ago. These notes formed the core of our activities for many years that followed. A quarter of a century has passed, and yet these simple blocks remain on our best-sellers list.

Once upon a time

When 25 years ago we started making sticky notes in a small print shop, we had no idea that we’d end up with a product that one day we’d be able to present outside our country. Since that time, our company has gone through an enormous transformation, becoming one of the greatest suppliers of promotional paper products in Europe.

Slips of paper that help at work

Our Sticky Notes are self-adhesive slips of paper that come in handy at work in many trades and at many posts. Some people can’t imagine an office with a shortage of this product. Our sticky notes come in blocks in many different variations: pastel, brilliantin hard or paper cover, ecological, cut to specific shape.

Be prepared for any challenge

Apart from the blocks themselves, Sticky Notes can be found in sets with self-adhesive page markers or calendars. This supplies you with the office arsenal necessary to stay active on any front. Going to a conference? We have a ready-made set just for the occasion. A big hardback notebook will make note-taking easier for you. We’ve got everything covered.

But it’s just a piece of paper

You’re asking what makes us different? Our printing technology and paper. Vivid Print is a technology that lets you significantly improve the quality of the print. Thanks to it, the images are sharper and more intense, and exhibit a much better reproduction of details. Classic halftone printing isn’t capable of that. Additionally, full colour management before and during printing as well as the innovative preparation of adhesive paper for the print allow us to speak of a completely new quality.

Our adhesive paper is available in multiple colours, grammages and with a number of options for the adhesive strip placement. Apart from that, our offer includes paper that is 100% recycled. All the sticky notes are covered with an adhesive strip, manufactured based on water, which is more environmentally friendly than traditional solutions based on solvents.


As they say – it’s all about the details. At PromoNotes, we attach great significance to every aspect related to the production of sticky notes, starting with the technology, through the raw material, and ending with the perfect service for each order. Everything is at the highest level.

See for yourself. By investing in such creative and customisable promotional material, you’ll be perceived in a much more favourable light by your Clients. For if you care about such a minor detail, it means that you’re a professional in every other aspect.